Are 18–24 year olds just not news consumers?

April 7, 2007

Online read­er­ship fig­ures have just come out from Nielsen/Net Rat­ings for Feb­ru­ary (see Jack Loech­ner’s post for more). I may be miss­ing some­thing but they seem to show the same kind of trends for news and cur­rent affairs that we see in news­pa­pers and TV news audi­ences, i.e. 18–24 year olds just aren’t nat­ur­al news con­sumers.

I’ve long thought that 18–24 was a low-news life seg­ment, and we should just get over it. It would be a sad world if 18–24 year-olds weren’t social­ising, net­work­ing and cre­at­ing the kind of rela­tion­ships that might:

  • make life more fun
  • con­tin­ue the human race
  • see them through the remainder of their lives

Any­one out there dis­agree? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick from these num­bers?

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