Political communication

June 21, 2007

The new face of polit­ic­al cam­paign­ing. Hil­lary Clin­ton does a Sop­ranos par­ody, which illus­trates the lim­its of polit­ic­al com­edy. Actu­ally, watch it. There is noth­ing funny about it. But funny is not the point.

Essen­tially, it’s about the set­ting — a feel­good diner, with happy Amer­ic­ans (voters) and a side order of Sen­at­or. Hil­lary and Bill go through some awk­ward, rather wooden dia­logue. A Sop­ranos char­ac­ter lurks in the back­ground. Tony Blair, by the way, does it all rather bet­ter in the char­ity spoof below.

There’s an inter­est­ing par­al­lel in the aus­tere Hil­lary, cur­rently being defros­ted for pres­id­en­tial con­sump­tion, and the aus­tere Gor­don Brown, who has under­gone a less tele­visu­al ver­sion of the same pro­cess.

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