Britain’s Top Ten Journo-Bloggers

November 7, 2007

Yes, shameless list-porn. Buoyed up by hitting 300 subscribers in Feedburner, and approaching 30,000 unique users I was hit by an attack of vanity (over-compensating for my plummeting Technorati ranking) and decided to try and list the top 10 UK j-blogs. Pride, of course, always comes before a fall.

So, I followed Martin Belam’s Herculean efforts to get the top 100 newspaper RSS feeds via Google Reader. Using a list compiled from weeks of research culled from blogrolls, I thus proudly determined my own top ten of the UK’s finest journalism bloggers:

  1. 194 Roy Greenslade
  2. 165 Paul Bradshaw
  3. 119 Shane Richmond
  4. 73 Robin Hamman
  5. 66 Jemima Kiss
  6. 65 Andrew Grant-Adamson
  7. 65 Martin Stabe

  8. 61 Richard Sambrook
  9. 49 Seamus McCauley
  10. 46 Simon Waldman

Kudos to Paul Bradshaw. Obviously I haven’t included myself, as I don’t have enough subscribers really trust the methodology.

Couple of points, besides all the obvious ones.

Is Seamus too much of a renaissance man to be a journo-blogger? If he’s ruled out Andy Dickinson sneaks in.

If you also strip out the newspapers (Roy, Jemima and Shane), then Suw and Kevin from Strange Attractor, Charlie Beckett and Vickywatch all creep in. And if you finally strip out Vickywatch (because [insert convincing reason here], erm…) then I creep in.

Have I missed anything or anyone out? Except for Martin (77), who would, of course, slot in at number four, although like Seamus he may be too much of a polymath. To burst all our balloons and put it all in to perspective, Mindy McAdams has over 400 Google Reader subscribers.

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