Britain’s Top Ten Journo-Bloggers

November 7, 2007

Yes, shame­less list-porn. Buoyed up by hit­ting 300 sub­scribers in Feed­burn­er, and approach­ing 30,000 unique users I was hit by an attack of van­ity (over-com­pens­at­ing for my plum­met­ing Tech­nor­ati rank­ing) and decided to try and list the top 10 UK j-blogs. Pride, of course, always comes before a fall.

So, I fol­lowed Mar­tin Belam’s Her­culean efforts to get the top 100 news­pa­per RSS feeds via Google Read­er. Using a list com­piled from weeks of research culled from blogrolls, I thus proudly determ­ined my own top ten of the UK’s finest journ­al­ism blog­gers:

  1. 194 Roy Greenslade
  2. 165 Paul Brad­shaw
  3. 119 Shane Rich­mond
  4. 73 Robin Ham­man
  5. 66 Jemima Kiss
  6. 65 Andrew Grant-Adam­son
  7. 65 Mar­tin Stabe

  8. 61 Richard Sam­brook
  9. 49 Seamus McCauley
  10. 46 Simon Wald­man

Kudos to Paul Brad­shaw. Obvi­ously I haven’t included myself, as I don’t have enough sub­scribers really trust the meth­od­o­logy.

Couple of points, besides all the obvi­ous ones.

Is Seamus too much of a renais­sance man to be a journo-blog­ger? If he’s ruled out Andy Dickin­son sneaks in.

If you also strip out the news­pa­pers (Roy, Jemima and Shane), then Suw and Kev­in from Strange Attract­or, Charlie Beck­ett and Vick­y­watch all creep in. And if you finally strip out Vick­y­watch (because [insert con­vin­cing reas­on here], erm…) then I creep in.

Have I missed any­thing or any­one out? Except for Mar­tin (77), who would, of course, slot in at num­ber four, although like Seamus he may be too much of a poly­math. To burst all our bal­loons and put it all in to per­spect­ive, Mindy McAdams has over 400 Google Read­er sub­scribers.

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