Don’t quote me: AP – US$2.50 a word to bloggers

June 17, 2008

Boy, has AP picked a lousy battleground in the online war.

If you want to know what it regards as fair use of its material, take a look at its price menu below (and – ok – you’ll have to squint).

AP price list

Non-profits get a modest discount.

Now, I try to link not quote by the yard, but charging $12.50 for the privilege of repeating five (yes, 5) words is sheer madness – you only have to imagine quoting a story about ‘UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’ and the meter is running! Then there’s the hyphen. One word or two?

What about ‘President George W. Bush’? Is the ‘W.’ a word?

Real journalism does cost money, and is worth supporting, but this really, really, really, really, really (that’s $12.50 please) is not the way to do it…

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