Unrequired Reading {16.9.08 to 18.9.08 }

September 18, 2008

This is some of what’s caught my atten­tion in the past hours:

  • Ofcom: lost focus in PSB review? | Ofcom­watch — ‘Our industry’?  Ofcom’s industry is reg­u­la­tion in the pub­lic interest, not broad­cast­ing.  Can you ima­gine the head of the Envir­on­ment Agency address­ing reg­u­lated firms and using the same term?  It would be unthink­able.
  • About that McCain Photo | TheAtlantic.com — Depart­ment of Not Get­ting Over It: “I was appalled to read about the actions of Jill Green­berg, the freel­ance pho­to­graph­er who took the cov­er por­trait that illus­trates my art­icle about John McCain.”
  • Sarah Pal­in Emails: Sarah Palin’s Per­son­al Emails | Gawker — Email — remem­ber, it’s like broad­cast­ing used to be.
  • Tele­graph journ­al­ist: I’m pess­im­ist­ic about the new news­room cul­ture | GreensladeUK “[N]ational news­pa­pers are begin­ning to head in the dir­ec­tion that loc­al papers went 20 years ago, demand­ing levels of com­mit­ment — in hours and work­load — that are unsus­tain­able in con­junc­tion with a nor­mal fam­ily life.”
  • Com­mun­acopia diary | FT.com — “Prin­cess phones are little phones in the six­ties and sev­en­ties that people bought for their kids so they can chat with their friends. It’s the same exper­i­ence as MySpace, Face­book … That’s why it’s fairly dif­fi­cult to attach that with too much rev­en­ue.”
  • Char­it­ies as journ­al­ists: dis­tort­ing inter­na­tion­al report­ing? | Charlie Beck­ett — “The news media needs to learn how to use pub­lic par­ti­cip­a­tion without cheat­ing, while the char­it­ies need to learn some media lit­er­acy and eth­ics. This should be more than a PR fight. All of us want the pub­lic to be bet­ter informed about human­it­ari­an and devel­op­ment issues, but dis­tort­ing the mes­sage for short-term gains will not serve the great­er truth.”
  • Al-Jaz­eera exec denies telling Bur­gin she was ‘frozen out’, tribunal hears | Media | guardian.co.uk — “The plan­ning depart­ment deliv­ers the plan to the out­put team. If that is the plan that the out­put team doesn’t want then there is no point deliv­er­ing one.”

    Pull­man cited the example … of a United Nations gen­er­al assembly meet­ing which he described as a “known diary date”.

    What we need is how we are going to report it, where we are going to send report­ers … it needs a detailed edit­or­i­al plan, not simply the fact that this event is hap­pen­ing,” he said.

  • Eric Kuhn: Charlie Beck­ett Adds His Voice to the New Media Debate | HuffPo — “The busi­ness mod­el is cer­tainly in crisis and that is a pro­found change. The advert­ising is not just shift­ing plat­forms, but — this is nev­er talked about — there is a crisis in advert­ising. The pre­vi­ous mod­el of, effect­ively, you put a bill­board up and hope enough people saw it to buy your product, is gone.”
  • Why Wall Street is Melt­ing Down, and What to Do About It — “If what’s lack­ing is trust rather than cap­it­al, the most import­ant steps poli­cy­makers can take are to rebuild trust. And the best way to rebuild trust is through reg­u­la­tions that require fin­an­cial play­ers to stand behind their prom­ises and tell the truth, along with strict over­sight to make sure they do.”

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