Off topic: the language of advertising

May 21, 2009

The Ideas­Broth­ers blog has uncovered a nov­el writ­ten by an advert­ising plan­ner.

In a pent­house apart­ment on the right side of town, a 28‐54 year old man called Dan tried to con­trol his breath­ing. Someone or some­thing was mov­ing about down­stairs. He listened intently. There it was again. In the inky dark, the sound had real cut‐through com­pared to the thou­sands of mes­sages he was bom­barded with through mul­tiple chan­nels each day.

My favour­ite bit?

Dan looked around for a weapon. There was noth­ing heavy but he found his 5.2 mega­pixel mobile phone in the hall. Even if he couldn’t stop the intruder he could at least cre­ate a piece of con­tent to upload and share with his friends online.

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