About me

Adrian Monck

I work at the World Economic Forum, where I’m in charge of public engagement and foundations – ‘digital Davos’ plus the 20+ and 30+ and social entrepreneur commnuities. The Forum is an impartial, independent, international organisation based – like me – in Geneva, Switzerland. This is my personal blog and website, so the usual caveats apply.

From June 2005, I headed the Department of Journalism at City University London, where I was also a professor, and a member of the Forum’s first Global Agenda Council on Journalism.

My interest in journalism started at university, working for the student newspaper, Cherwell. My broadcast news career started with a summer internship at CBS News back in 1987. A year later they started paying me full-time. I spent four years in international news with CBS watching the world change in front of me: the conclusion of the Lebanese hostage crisis and the Iran-Iraq War; freedom for Nelson Mandela; the downfall of Margaret Thatcher; the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall; the first Gulf War.

In 1992, I joined ITN‘s News At Ten which took me from Belfast to Bosnia, and many places besides. Three years later, I joined the launch team for Five News.

Five went on air in 1997, with the British general election that ended the post-Thatcher era and brought Tony Blair to power. We reported the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and every story from Kosovo to 9/11 and subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I turned analogue newsrooms digital, pioneered low-cost news production, and did an MBA at London Business School.

At Five, I was lucky enough to spend a few years sitting alongside one of the world’s finest broadcasters – Kirsty Young – and a bunch of very creative, youthful (well, they were then) and talented people which – as all journalists know – “beats working for a living.”

Along the way, things I did at Five, at Dunblane, and in Bosnia picked up Royal Television Society awards. A report on aid to Rwanda won gold at the New York Festivals and overall Festival prize.

Before joining City University London, I had a brief, but enjoyable, spell at Sky News. The British general election of May 2005 – Tony Blair’s last – also happened to be my farewell to television news.

On twitter I’m (@amonck) and made an appearance in the Independent‘s Twitter 100.

I am also a published author, having co-authored a couple of books. My views on the news business have appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Al Jazeera.

You can contact me at amonck [at] rocketmail [dot] com.