Punishment by politics

February 28, 2013

The elections in Italy reveal a crisis in leadership. Wolfgang Münchau blames Mario Monti’s defeat on a lack of political realism – code for cynicism. Paul Krugman blames it not just on Monti but on a European elite – or ‘Very Serious People’. in Europe even more than in the US the Very Serious People […]


Ten days before my wedding, Thomas Hamilton walked into a primary school and killed seventeen people, sixteen of them very young children. The media descended. I descended. I was filming an hour or so away and arrived on the scene as shattered parents waited for news, and local TV news crews slung their cameras, unsure […]


If you were drowning, you might not celebrate the lack of appetite amongst the sharks in the ocean in which were submerged. But the Leveson report is out and to read what is left of Britain’s national newspaper industry put forth, between the gulps of sea water, there were hearty cheers. Or perhaps they were just […]


Switch on to regulation This article first appeared in the Press Gazette on 22 July 2004. Politicians frequently bemoan the poisonous relationship between themselves and members of the press. Peter Hain asked at a meeting earlier this year what could be done to rebuild relationships between journalists and the government. There is an answer, and it’s one […]