Punishment by politics

February 28, 2013

The elec­tions in Italy reveal a crisis in lead­er­ship. Wolfgang Mün­chau blames Mario Monti’s defeat on a lack of polit­ic­al real­ism — code for cyn­icism. Paul Krug­man blames it not just on Monti but on a European élite — or ‘Very Ser­i­ous People’. in Europe even more than in the US the Very Ser­i­ous People live in a bubble […]


Ten days before my wed­ding, Thomas Hamilton walked into a primary school and killed sev­en­teen people, six­teen of them very young chil­dren. The media des­cen­ded. I des­cen­ded. I was film­ing an hour or so away and arrived on the scene as shattered par­ents waited for news, and loc­al TV news crews slung their cam­er­as, unsure as to wheth­er […]


If you were drown­ing, you might not cel­eb­rate the lack of appet­ite amongst the sharks in the ocean in which were sub­merged. But the Leveson report is out and to read what is left of Britain’s nation­al news­pa­per industry put forth, between the gulps of sea water, there were hearty cheers. Or per­haps they were just […]


Switch on to reg­u­la­tion This art­icle first appeared in the Press Gaz­ette on 22 July 2004. Politi­cians fre­quently bemoan the pois­on­ous rela­tion­ship between them­selves and mem­bers of the press. Peter Hain asked at a meet­ing earli­er this year what could be done to rebuild rela­tion­ships between journ­al­ists and the gov­ern­ment. There is an answer, and it’s one that will […]