As a pro­fess­or with a back­ground in pub­lic ser­vice broad­cast­ing (PSB), I’m often asked — What exactly is pub­lic ser­vice broad­cast­ing? Take a pop­u­lar pro­gramme like Neigh­bours. From 1986 to 2008 it appeared on the BBC and was an import­ant piece of PSB, pop­u­lar with view­ers, and val­ued for its air­ing of gritty but uni­ver­sal human themes played […]

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Can audiences ever be wrong?

October 29, 2008

At the BBC Editor’s blog Rod McK­en­zie asks if the Ross and Brand case is an open and shut case? When we star­ted cov­er­ing the story on News­beat — the audi­ence response was run­ning two-to-one in Ross’s and Brand’s favour — now it’s swelled to six-to-one.


For any­one who is angry with the BBC for allow­ing two radio presenters to bully and humi­li­ate an eld­erly man, 78-year old act­or Andrew Sachs, listen to this pro­gramme.


What are the func­tions of journ­al­ism in a demo­cracy? In an art­icle prob­ably drawn from his forth­com­ing book, Why Demo­cra­cies Need An Unlov­able Press, (order yours now) Michael Schud­son gives six: