As a professor with a background in public service broadcasting (PSB), I’m often asked – What exactly is public service broadcasting? Take a popular programme like Neighbours. From 1986 to 2008 it appeared on the BBC and was an important piece of PSB, popular with viewers, and valued for its airing of gritty but universal […]

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Can audiences ever be wrong?

October 29, 2008

At the BBC Editor’s blog Rod McKenzie asks if the Ross and Brand case is an open and shut case? When we started covering the story on Newsbeat – the audience response was running two-to-one in Ross’s and Brand’s favour – now it’s swelled to six-to-one.


For anyone who is angry with the BBC for allowing two radio presenters to bully and humiliate an elderly man, 78-year old actor Andrew Sachs, listen to this programme.


What are the functions of journalism in a democracy? In an article probably drawn from his forthcoming book, Why Democracies Need An Unlovable Press, (order yours now) Michael Schudson gives six: