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I suppose there are two periods of my father’s life. Before unemployment. And afterwards. My father was a timber salesman. He was a confident and popular community activist. He set up a scout troop – brought people together and organised things. And then the boatyards abandoned their marine plywood for fibreglass and the reproduction furniture makers went bust. Unemployment arrived whilst I was still at school.


Frank Rich sees the future…

September 1, 2008

NYT columnist Frank Rich, who must lack a tiny bit of self-irony, takes aim at the ‘bloviators’ covering the Obama campaign. But in the course of his musings a little internet-inspired doubt creeps in. : Journalists are still Americans — even if much of our audience doubts that — and in this time of grave […]

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I stumbled upon this TV news “fakery” classic from the early 1960s, which comes care of CBS veteran Daniel Schorr’s memoir, Clearing The Air. Schorr is lunching his boss, CBS chief, Bill Paley.


And I mean barely discernible. Towards the end of Charlie Wilson’s War, Texan congressman Wilson (played by Tom Hanks) having helped finance the covert war in Afghanistan looks up at a TV screen and sees Dan Rather introduce a piece that begins with the final column of Red Army tanks crossing the Friendship bridge back […]