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I sup­pose there are two peri­ods of my father’s life. Before unem­ploy­ment. And after­wards. My fath­er was a tim­ber sales­man. He was a con­fid­ent and pop­u­lar com­munity act­iv­ist. He set up a scout troop — brought people togeth­er and organ­ised things. And then the boat­yards aban­doned their mar­ine ply­wood for fibre­glass and the repro­duc­tion fur­niture makers went bust. Unem­ploy­ment arrived whilst I was still at school.


Frank Rich sees the future…

September 1, 2008

NYT colum­nist Frank Rich, who must lack a tiny bit of self-irony, takes aim at the ‘blovi­at­ors’ cov­er­ing the Obama cam­paign. But in the course of his mus­ings a little inter­­net-inspired doubt creeps in. : Journ­al­ists are still Amer­ic­ans — even if much of our audi­ence doubts that — and in this time of grave uncer­tainty about […]

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I stumbled upon this TV news “fakery” clas­sic from the early 1960s, which comes care of CBS vet­er­an Daniel Schorr’s mem­oir, Clear­ing The Air. Schorr is lunch­ing his boss, CBS chief, Bill Paley.


And I mean barely dis­cern­ible. Towards the end of Charlie Wilson’s War, Tex­an con­gress­man Wilson (played by Tom Hanks) hav­ing helped fin­ance the cov­ert war in Afgh­anistan looks up at a TV screen and sees Dan Rather intro­duce a piece that begins with the final column of Red Army tanks cross­ing the Friend­ship bridge back into the old […]