Whatever ones views of the rights and wrongs, Israel‘s media operation to accompany its Gaza offensive has been an object lesson in the uses and limitations of War 2.0. Talking to a senior Middle Eastern diplomat yesterday, and to a friend reporting from (or stuck) in Jerusalem, there is a (very) grudging – respect is […]


I‘ve been pondering the relationship between journalism and democracy of late, and so too have the academic commenters gathering at the blog of Social Science Research Council boss, Craig Calhoun. Calhoun asks the question Sam Zell has already answered – What is the future of newspapers? And when social scientists smell blood, they’re mostly rubbing […]


Frank Rich sees the future…

September 1, 2008

NYT columnist Frank Rich, who must lack a tiny bit of self-irony, takes aim at the ‘bloviators’ covering the Obama campaign. But in the course of his musings a little internet-inspired doubt creeps in. : Journalists are still Americans — even if much of our audience doubts that — and in this time of grave […]

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The Trust Obsession

April 28, 2008

CNN bills itself as the most trusted name in news. Director-General Mark Thompson reckons public trust is the life-blood of the BBC. Politicians and TV presenters wail and tear their clothes in public at the public’s loss of trust in the media. “Woe is us,” wails the collective cry from the journalism profession, “they don’t […]