Whatever ones views of the rights and wrongs, Israel’s media oper­a­tion to accom­pany its Gaza offens­ive has been an object les­son in the uses and lim­it­a­tions of War 2.0. Talk­ing to a seni­or Middle East­ern dip­lo­mat yes­ter­day, and to a friend report­ing from (or stuck) in Jer­u­s­alem, there is a (very) grudging — respect is the wrong […]


I’ve been pon­der­ing the rela­tion­ship between journ­al­ism and demo­cracy of late, and so too have the aca­dem­ic com­menters gath­er­ing at the blog of Social Sci­ence Research Coun­cil boss, Craig Cal­houn. Cal­houn asks the ques­tion Sam Zell has already answered — What is the future of news­pa­pers? And when social sci­ent­ists smell blood, they’re mostly rub­bing […]


Frank Rich sees the future…

September 1, 2008

NYT colum­nist Frank Rich, who must lack a tiny bit of self-irony, takes aim at the ‘blovi­at­ors’ cov­er­ing the Obama cam­paign. But in the course of his mus­ings a little inter­­net-inspired doubt creeps in. : Journ­al­ists are still Amer­ic­ans — even if much of our audi­ence doubts that — and in this time of grave uncer­tainty about […]

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The Trust Obsession

April 28, 2008

CNN bills itself as the most trus­ted name in news. Dir­ect­or-Gen­er­­al Mark Thompson reck­ons pub­lic trust is the life-blood of the BBC. Politi­cians and TV presenters wail and tear their clothes in pub­lic at the public’s loss of trust in the media. “Woe is us,” wails the col­lect­ive cry from the journ­al­ism pro­fes­sion, “they don’t […]