Journalistic censure

February 9, 2009

I wouldn’t exactly call Kev­in Myers one of my favour­ite writers, but it takes a belly full of bile to com­pose an epistle of anger this good. I must admit to har­bour­ing sim­il­ar feel­ings for some of the people I’ve encountered along the way.


Carnival of Journalism

July 14, 2008

This being part of the Car­ni­val of Journ­al­ism (and late), ring­mas­ter Doug Fish­er asks: what changes will need to be made in nation­al and inter­na­tion­al leg­al sys­tems to help the digit­al age, and espe­cially journ­al­ism in the digit­al age, flour­ish? At the risk of mak­ing myself unpop­u­lar, in our own digit­al realm — journ­al­ism — […]


Ever wondered where the mod­ern news media star­ted? Ger­many, 1450s — Johann Guten­berg invents mov­able type print­ing and brings out the Bible. Prob­lem with the Bible? You only buy it once. New trans­la­tions keep presses rolling. They also raise polit­ic­al prob­lems (like Tyndale’s trans­la­tion in Eng­land). Read­ers can use their Bible to make up their […]