Let there be no doubt that whatever sac­ri­fices we journ­al­ists make, they are not made for our own glory or enrich­ment: they are made for you. Wheth­er you deserve their sac­ri­fice is anoth­er mat­ter. As for me, God knows I tried.” The final words from the final edit­or­i­al of murdered Sri Lankan edit­or Las­antha Wick­rema­tunga. I wanted […]


Stakeholder syndrome

September 2, 2008

If you want an illus­tra­tion of the bril­liance and fra­gil­ity of the blo­go­sphere, take a look at Ofcom­watch. It’s a blog about the world of UK com­mu­nic­a­tions reg­u­la­tion which, let’s face it, is about as effer­ves­cent as a day-old glass of Alkaseltzer, and the bulk of its posts are the hero­ic work of Russ Taylor.


Ever wondered where the mod­ern news media star­ted? Ger­many, 1450s — Johann Guten­berg invents mov­able type print­ing and brings out the Bible. Prob­lem with the Bible? You only buy it once. New trans­la­tions keep presses rolling. They also raise polit­ic­al prob­lems (like Tyndale’s trans­la­tion in Eng­land). Read­ers can use their Bible to make up their […]