Like Jeff Jarvis, Charlie Beckett, and Richard Sambrook, I too was at Ditchley recently for a conference on the media and democracy. Present company excepted, it brought together a fascinating and lively group of people (not always the case at conferences). Sir Jeremy Greenstock, formerly Britain’s man at the UN and in Iraq (and someone […]




Microsoft‘s top Intellectual Property chap, Tom Rubin, had some interesting points to make at the UK AOP: Starting back in the early 1990s, some leading Internet pundits espoused the motto “information wants to be free” and implored content owners to simply give away their content and monetize it through secondary means – such as concerts […]


My chums – the Carnivores of Journalism (read in tooth and claw) – are ripping apart the lessons for the news media from the online electoral campaigning of President-elect Barack Obama. Here’s my message for the old news media. You missed a revenue stream. Auction endorsements. Don’t be fooled by the SMS and Facebook wrappers. […]