I sup­pose there are two peri­ods of my father’s life. Before unem­ploy­ment. And after­wards. My fath­er was a tim­ber sales­man. He was a con­fid­ent and pop­u­lar com­munity act­iv­ist. He set up a scout troop — brought people togeth­er and organ­ised things. And then the boat­yards aban­doned their mar­ine ply­wood for fibre­glass and the repro­duc­tion fur­niture makers went bust. Unem­ploy­ment arrived whilst I was still at school.


I under­stand that today is the day ITV News moves to a sys­tem where report­ers edit their own TV pack­ages. How can you tell someone new to video edit­ing? Well, it’s always the sound that gives it away. That, and the going to black and flash frames. Hav­ing pion­eered multi-skilling in TV news­rooms what would my […]


My two penn’orth on Sam­antha Power from the Guard­i­an: For me as a broad­cast journ­al­ist, the cam­era and the micro­phone are the record. You can’t unsay things to a record­ing device or speak­ing live, only apo­lo­gise or cringe. But in con­ver­sa­tion, dif­fer­ent stand­ards apply. I was at ITN in the early 1990s when John Major referred to […]

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Breaks off News At Ten

January 14, 2008

News At Ten returned. With no com­mer­cial break. Delib­er­ate? Per­man­ent? Odd feel­ing in what was oth­er­wise a very famil­i­ar pro­gramme pack­age (well, I did work on it years ago). But down to busi­ness. You want an old-fash­ioned cri­tique of an old-fash­ioned show? Start with the Bongs (the head­lines). Hasnat Khan exclusive/Diana Geor­gina Edmonds murder Ant­arc­tic spe­cial report […]

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