If you wanted a sign of the growing importance of the UK news media in reporting US politics (a phenomenon supported by Matt Drudge, the now global online market in English language news, and the largely apolitical US press), here it is. Media Matters, a Democratic-leaning MSM rebuttal service, turns its powerful fisking attention to […]


Here is an edited version of Rupert Murdoch‘s Boyer lecture – The Future of Newspapers: Moving Beyond Dead Trees. One word summary? Brands. But here it is: Too many journalists seem to take a perverse pleasure in ruminating on their pending demise. I know industries that are today facing stiff new competition from the internet: […]


The Financial Times has a trenchant critique of BBC Worldwide and its impact on the public service broadcasting debate. But who exactly is the person ‘familiar with the BBC Trust’s thinking’ that they quote? Or the leading London banker? Don’t be tempted by the obvious jigsaw identification. A person familiar with the BBC Trust’s thinking […]


Paul Krugman didn’t win the Nobel prize for economics for this. But maybe he should have. It’s a meditation on British food and why it was once so dreadful. (And there’s surely a lesson in there about education and media consumption.)

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