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January 5, 2009

I missed this from biz school prof Kev­in Dooley back in August, 2008: [H]ow are polit­ic­al blogs the same or dif­fer­ent from MSM? Through Wonko­sphere, we have noticed that polit­ic­al blogs are con­sumed in much the same man­ner as main­stream media is, which indic­ates that read­ers treat polit­ic­al blogs not as sep­ar­ate from, but rather […]

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Ever wondered where the mod­ern news media star­ted? Ger­many, 1450s — Johann Guten­berg invents mov­able type print­ing and brings out the Bible. Prob­lem with the Bible? You only buy it once. New trans­la­tions keep presses rolling. They also raise polit­ic­al prob­lems (like Tyndale’s trans­la­tion in Eng­land). Read­ers can use their Bible to make up their […]