Margaret Thatcher

I sup­pose there are two peri­ods of my father’s life. Before unem­ploy­ment. And after­wards. My fath­er was a tim­ber sales­man. He was a con­fid­ent and pop­u­lar com­munity act­iv­ist. He set up a scout troop — brought people togeth­er and organ­ised things. And then the boat­yards aban­doned their mar­ine ply­wood for fibre­glass and the repro­duc­tion fur­niture makers went bust. Unem­ploy­ment arrived whilst I was still at school.


It depends on the habit of attend­ing to and look­ing into pub­lic trans­ac­tions, and on the degree of inform­a­tion and sol­id judg­ment respect­ing them that exists in the com­munity, wheth­er the con­duct of the nation as a nation, both with­in itself and towards oth­ers, shall be selfish, cor­rupt and tyr­an­nic­al, or ration­al and enlightened, just and […]