Mark Thompson

The Financial Times has a trenchant critique of BBC Worldwide and its impact on the public service broadcasting debate. But who exactly is the person ‘familiar with the BBC Trust’s thinking’ that they quote? Or the leading London banker? Don’t be tempted by the obvious jigsaw identification. A person familiar with the BBC Trust’s thinking […]


The Trust Obsession

April 28, 2008

CNN bills itself as the most trusted name in news. Director-General Mark Thompson reckons public trust is the life-blood of the BBC. Politicians and TV presenters wail and tear their clothes in public at the public’s loss of trust in the media. “Woe is us,” wails the collective cry from the journalism profession, “they don’t […]


One of my favourite quotes on democracy (disowned by its originator alas), comes from British educator Derry Hannam: Learning about democracy and citizenship in school is a bit like reading holiday brochures in prison. Why do I trawl that quote up? Well, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson, in an interesting and wide-ranging speech addressing the trust […]

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