movable type printing

Ever wondered where the mod­ern news media star­ted? Ger­many, 1450s — Johann Guten­berg invents mov­able type print­ing and brings out the Bible. Prob­lem with the Bible? You only buy it once. New trans­la­tions keep presses rolling. They also raise polit­ic­al prob­lems (like Tyndale’s trans­la­tion in Eng­land). Read­ers can use their Bible to make up their […]


It depends on the habit of attend­ing to and look­ing into pub­lic trans­ac­tions, and on the degree of inform­a­tion and sol­id judg­ment respect­ing them that exists in the com­munity, wheth­er the con­duct of the nation as a nation, both with­in itself and towards oth­ers, shall be selfish, cor­rupt and tyr­an­nic­al, or ration­al and enlightened, just and […]