New York

If you wondered wheth­er declin­ing view­ers and cor­por­ate belt tight­en­ing had a real on-screen resourcing impact on net­work news cov­er­age, check out Andrew Tyn­dall on the nets and Gaza: In the sum­mer of 2006, when the Israel Defense Force headed north to fight with the Hezbol­lah mili­tia in south­ern Leban­on, all three net­works found the con­flict […]


I’ve been pon­der­ing the rela­tion­ship between journ­al­ism and demo­cracy of late, and so too have the aca­dem­ic com­menters gath­er­ing at the blog of Social Sci­ence Research Coun­cil boss, Craig Cal­houn. Cal­houn asks the ques­tion Sam Zell has already answered — What is the future of news­pa­pers? And when social sci­ent­ists smell blood, they’re mostly rub­bing […]


In 1945, soci­olo­gist Bern­ard Ber­el­son took advant­age of a news­pa­per deliv­ery strike in New York to do some research, later pub­lished as What ‘Miss­ing The News­pa­per’ Means. With 500 Aus­sie journos on strike (see their web­site), I thought it might be instruct­ive to revis­it a few of Berelson’s obser­va­tions, to see how they held up today.


Arguing against Nick Davies

February 4, 2008

Brit­ish writer Nick Dav­ies is an inspir­a­tion to a lot of young journ­al­ists, and rightly so (you can read more of his writ­ing on social issues here). But now he has moved from cov­er­ing drugs and crim­in­al justice to report on journ­al­ism. And in doing so, he com­mis­sioned some research to back up his cri­ti­cisms and […]