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US Nets: Anchorless in Gaza

January 7, 2009

If you wondered whether declining viewers and corporate belt tightening had a real on-screen resourcing impact on network news coverage, check out Andrew Tyndall on the nets and Gaza: In the summer of 2006, when the Israel Defense Force headed north to fight with the Hezbollah militia in southern Lebanon, all three networks found the […]


I‘ve been pondering the relationship between journalism and democracy of late, and so too have the academic commenters gathering at the blog of Social Science Research Council boss, Craig Calhoun. Calhoun asks the question Sam Zell has already answered – What is the future of newspapers? And when social scientists smell blood, they’re mostly rubbing […]


In 1945, sociologist Bernard Berelson took advantage of a newspaper delivery strike in New York to do some research, later published as What ‘Missing The Newspaper’ Means. With 500 Aussie journos on strike (see their website), I thought it might be instructive to revisit a few of Berelson’s observations, to see how they held up […]


Arguing against Nick Davies

February 4, 2008

British writer Nick Davies is an inspiration to a lot of young journalists, and rightly so (you can read more of his writing on social issues here). But now he has moved from covering drugs and criminal justice to report on journalism. And in doing so, he commissioned some research to back up his criticisms […]