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If you wanted a sign of the grow­ing import­ance of the UK news media in report­ing US polit­ics (a phe­nomen­on sup­por­ted by Matt Drudge, the now glob­al online mar­ket in Eng­lish lan­guage news, and the largely apolit­ic­al US press), here it is. Media Mat­ters, a Demo­crat­ic-lean­ing MSM rebut­tal ser­vice, turns its power­ful fisk­ing atten­tion to this Times […]


Like Jeff Jar­vis, Charlie Beck­ett, and Richard Sam­brook, I too was at Ditch­ley recently for a con­fer­ence on the media and demo­cracy. Present com­pany excep­ted, it brought togeth­er a fas­cin­at­ing and lively group of people (not always the case at con­fer­ences). Sir Jeremy Green­stock, formerly Britain’s man at the UN and in Iraq (and someone who speaks in […]


I’ve been pon­der­ing the rela­tion­ship between journ­al­ism and demo­cracy of late, and so too have the aca­dem­ic com­menters gath­er­ing at the blog of Social Sci­ence Research Coun­cil boss, Craig Cal­houn. Cal­houn asks the ques­tion Sam Zell has already answered — What is the future of news­pa­pers? And when social sci­ent­ists smell blood, they’re mostly rub­bing […]


I fully expect that most tele­vi­sion journ­al­ists will not have dived into a copy of Switch­ing Chan­nels: Organ­iz­a­tion and Change in TV Broad­cast­ing by Richard E. Caves. Freako­nom­ics it is not. But Caves is the guy (ok, Nath­aniel Ropes Research Pro­fess­or of Polit­ic­al Eco­nomy at Har­vard) who sug­ges­ted some­thing that may be appeal­ing to journ­al­ists when […]