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If you wanted a sign of the growing importance of the UK news media in reporting US politics (a phenomenon supported by Matt Drudge, the now global online market in English language news, and the largely apolitical US press), here it is. Media Matters, a Democratic-leaning MSM rebuttal service, turns its powerful fisking attention to […]


Like Jeff Jarvis, Charlie Beckett, and Richard Sambrook, I too was at Ditchley recently for a conference on the media and democracy. Present company excepted, it brought together a fascinating and lively group of people (not always the case at conferences). Sir Jeremy Greenstock, formerly Britain’s man at the UN and in Iraq (and someone […]


I‘ve been pondering the relationship between journalism and democracy of late, and so too have the academic commenters gathering at the blog of Social Science Research Council boss, Craig Calhoun. Calhoun asks the question Sam Zell has already answered – What is the future of newspapers? And when social scientists smell blood, they’re mostly rubbing […]


I fully expect that most television journalists will not have dived into a copy of Switching Channels: Organization and Change in TV Broadcasting by Richard E. Caves. Freakonomics it is not. But Caves is the guy (ok, Nathaniel Ropes Research Professor of Political Economy at Harvard) who suggested something that may be appealing to journalists […]