Northern Ireland

Journalistic censure

February 9, 2009

I wouldn’t exactly call Kev­in Myers one of my favour­ite writers, but it takes a belly full of bile to com­pose an epistle of anger this good. I must admit to har­bour­ing sim­il­ar feel­ings for some of the people I’ve encountered along the way.


Arguing against Nick Davies

February 4, 2008

Brit­ish writer Nick Dav­ies is an inspir­a­tion to a lot of young journ­al­ists, and rightly so (you can read more of his writ­ing on social issues here). But now he has moved from cov­er­ing drugs and crim­in­al justice to report on journ­al­ism. And in doing so, he com­mis­sioned some research to back up his cri­ti­cisms and […]