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Advice doesn’t come any bet­ter than this — from the excel­lent Edit­or­i­al­iste: Send in applic­a­tions every­where you think you’ve got a shot — then prove it to each com­pany in your applic­a­tion. It’s worth the time to tail­or your applic­a­tion, even if you nev­er hear back. When you’ve sent out all that you can, send more. […]


It depends on the habit of attend­ing to and look­ing into pub­lic trans­ac­tions, and on the degree of inform­a­tion and sol­id judg­ment respect­ing them that exists in the com­munity, wheth­er the con­duct of the nation as a nation, both with­in itself and towards oth­ers, shall be selfish, cor­rupt and tyr­an­nic­al, or ration­al and enlightened, just and […]