Advice doesn’t come any bet­ter than this — from the excel­lent Edit­or­i­al­iste: Send in applic­a­tions every­where you think you’ve got a shot — then prove it to each com­pany in your applic­a­tion. It’s worth the time to tail­or your applic­a­tion, even if you nev­er hear back. When you’ve sent out all that you can, send more. […]


The ever-read­­able Robert Picard has the best piece (sub­scrip­tion) in the new edi­tion of Journ­al­ism Stud­ies. The abstract lays it on the line: The author finds that the rela­tion­ship between GDP and expendit­ures is weak­en­ing, that growth is not keep­ing pace with infla­tion, and that there is great­er volat­il­ity in advert­ising than seen in the […]


In 1945, soci­olo­gist Bern­ard Ber­el­son took advant­age of a news­pa­per deliv­ery strike in New York to do some research, later pub­lished as What ‘Miss­ing The News­pa­per’ Means. With 500 Aus­sie journos on strike (see their web­site), I thought it might be instruct­ive to revis­it a few of Berelson’s obser­va­tions, to see how they held up today.


I’m not even famil­i­ar with my own think­ing, so I loved this bit of tor­tured sourcing about pos­sible suc­cessors to Len Downie at the Wash­ing­ton Post: A source famil­i­ar with [Mar­cus] Brauchli’s think­ing says he is eager to return to edit­ing a news­pa­per, two months after being pres­sured into resign­ing from the [Wall Street] Journ­al, while anoth­er […]