Advice doesn’t come any better than this – from the excellent Editorialiste: Send in applications everywhere you think you’ve got a shot — then prove it to each company in your application. It’s worth the time to tailor your application, even if you never hear back. When you’ve sent out all that you can, send […]


The ever-readable Robert Picard has the best piece (subscription) in the new edition of Journalism Studies. The abstract lays it on the line: The author finds that the relationship between GDP and expenditures is weakening, that growth is not keeping pace with inflation, and that there is greater volatility in advertising than seen in the […]


In 1945, sociologist Bernard Berelson took advantage of a newspaper delivery strike in New York to do some research, later published as What ‘Missing The Newspaper’ Means. With 500 Aussie journos on strike (see their website), I thought it might be instructive to revisit a few of Berelson’s observations, to see how they held up […]


I’m not even familiar with my own thinking, so I loved this bit of tortured sourcing about possible successors to Len Downie at the Washington Post: A source familiar with [Marcus] Brauchli’s thinking says he is eager to return to editing a newspaper, two months after being pressured into resigning from the [Wall Street] Journal, […]