Tony Blair

Britain seen from the US

July 21, 2008

Thomson Reuters boss Tom Glocer has a frank posting from Sun Valley (your own private Idaho). Glocer, who was based in London until recently, is now back in the US and tells it like it is on the real value of the “special relationship”: The US has pursued a unilateralist approach to world affairs over […]


The Trust Obsession

April 28, 2008

CNN bills itself as the most trusted name in news. Director-General Mark Thompson reckons public trust is the life-blood of the BBC. Politicians and TV presenters wail and tear their clothes in public at the public’s loss of trust in the media. “Woe is us,” wails the collective cry from the journalism profession, “they don’t […]


Lord Hutton has published an article on media reaction to his report. Let’s ignore the fact that his footnotes on page one spell Freedland as Friedland. Typo! He’s obviously one unhappy bunny. Which is a shame. I teach the Hutton Inquiry to postgraduate students. And I happen to think – in hindsight – that he […]