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Journalistic censure

February 9, 2009

I wouldn’t exactly call Kevin Myers one of my favourite writers, but it takes a belly full of bile to compose an epistle of anger this good. I must admit to harbouring similar feelings for some of the people I’ve encountered along the way.


I was one of the people interviewed for Andrew Currah‘s What’s Happening to Our News, which is out today. Don’t let that put you off. Andrew’s an economic geographer – different, I guess, from a geographic economist – maybe it’s an economist who knows where he is.

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The Wire

January 10, 2009

So you still haven’t seen The Wire? Probably the single best thing on a TV monitor since the genius that was Alan Bleasdale‘s G.B.H., and 21C television’s single best attempt at recreating the 19C novel. It’s dense structure and tight plotting means it has to be watched night after night – not once a week […]


Having written a book about trust in the media, I tend to keep track of the endless trust polling that pours forth. Here’s the latest from TNS. When it comes to newspapers TNS observed that less than a quarter (23%) of UK respondents ‘highly trusted’ newspapers. In fact the UK gave the lowest score in […]