Davos 2012

January 31, 2012

I attended a Civil Society event where I spoke with representatives from human rights organizations, the union/labor movement, and NGOs working to address some of the hardest problems in society. I had a lunch with a university president talking about the role of technology in higher ed. I had dinner with an esteemed physicist, an […]


If you wanted a sign of the growing importance of the UK news media in reporting US politics (a phenomenon supported by Matt Drudge, the now global online market in English language news, and the largely apolitical US press), here it is. Media Matters, a Democratic-leaning MSM rebuttal service, turns its powerful fisking attention to […]


Newspaper obits

June 14, 2008

Madison Taylor, editor of the Burlington Times News, has a poignant post that says something about the changing times for US newspapers:


Scott McClellan’s book, summarized: “I totally didn’t know I was lying those 630,000 times.” Matthew Baldwin [HT: Charles Arthur]